Introduction - Problems

After the fabrication and assembling of stainless steel constructions, these surfaces show several functional problems and shortcomings. Those impurities such as welding discolorations, microscopic surface damage, grease stains and other impurities result in a visually unfinished product and cause corrosion sensitive spots on the stainless steel.  Also do the surfaces show a lack of good (deficient) hygienic properties. It’s obvious that the cleanability of these surfaces can be seriously improved. But how?

Phibo Industries developed a method to offer a solution for these functional problems and shortcomings: the SUBLIMOTION-process®.

The SUBLIMOTION-process® conditions the surfaces of stainless steel components and constructions in such a way that the surface roughness and surface topography will drastically improve, without damaging or deforming the treated surface, resulting in strongly improved hygienic characteristics and cleanability of the surface.

Because of the obtained hygienic surface characteristics, the SUBLIMOTION-process® is an ultimate solution for the finishing of stainless steel constructions and components for the food processing, cosmetic or pharmaceutical industry where hygienic demands are high. Also for many other industries however, the SUBLIMOTION-process® brings added value, as other specific surface parameters are sublimated as well.

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