General benefits

Furthermore, the SUBLIMOTION-processĀ® also offers the following exceptional advantages:

  • One Step Process: all surface characteristics are realized in a single treatment
  • Ultra-efficient cleaning and super-fine finishing is achieved (Ra values < 0.6)
  • Isotropic surface: the same values of surface roughness are generated in all directions
  • Visually uniform and attractive satin gloss finish
  • The process is very flexible and versatile
  • No risk of iron contamination
  • It is a very cost-saving and durable process
  • No use of hazardous or poisonous chemical substances
  • Use of an inert cleaning suspension consisting exclusively of water and inert micro-particles
  • Health or environmental problems are non-existent and the process is completely dust-free
  • Risk of static electricity is eliminated (no explosion hazard)
  • No special skills are required on the part of the operator
  • The required personal protective equipment is limited and comfortable to use
  • The process is safe, ecological and based upon sustainable technology (Green process)

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