Final surface characteristics

The one-step SUBLIMOTION-process® for the cleaning and conditioning of surfaces (in one single treatment), ranging from large-scale structures to small components, leads to the following characteristics:

Improved surface topography

Not only surface roughness (Ra value), but the entire surface topography, with a number of other surface characteristics, is conditioned and optimized during the SUBLIMOTION-process®

Optimal corrosion resistance

Following the treatment of stainless steel surfaces with the SUBLIMOTION-process®, by, amongst other things, generating an ultra-clean and active surface which then passivates extremely effectively

Controlled surface peening

The surface is thoroughly cleaned, micro-cracks are sealed and material fatigue resistance is increased as a result of the controlled build-up of compressive stresses in the surface during the SUBLIMOTION-process®

Hydrophobic surface characteristics

Following treatment with the SUBLIMOTION-process® 

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